Great reviews for Out of the Blue as eCsTaSy goes on a Finnish tour April 18-24th!!

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Critics have heaped lavish praise on guitarist Raoul Björkenheim’s curious brand of improvised jazz, and understandably so, even if commonly drawn parallels (Ayler, Coleman, Coltrane, Mahavishnu, Hendrix, Fela, et al.) only serve to underscore the audacious yet ultimately elusive nature of his musicOut of the Blue is clearly the sort of recording that offers new discoveries and fresh perspectives with each spin.” – JAZZTIMES

To their credit, the band is very much a band and the album, very much an album, two rare distinctions in today’s fragmentary jazz world.” – JAZZIZ

“While the quartet, fueled by the muscular bashing of drummer Markku Ounaskari, explodes with blowtorch intensity on the free- jazz opener, “Heads & Tales,” they settle into the infectiously funky second-line groover “Quintrille” with harmonic chemistry.” – DOWNBEAT

“Since forming in 2010, Raoul Björkenheim’s eCsTaSy quartet has been testing the limits of what’s possible when experimental rock and free-form jazz are put into a supercollider.” – SOMETHING ELSE REVIEWS

“Mainstream and unconventional jazz meet headlong on the aptly-named “Roller Coaster,” where soprano sax, prepared guitar, zigzagging drums, and quick-fingered bass craft a boisterous, somewhat demented clatter, like a 21st-century twist on Carl Stalling’s cartoon music…. This is material which is engaging, bristly, combines old and new, and is unpredictable.” – AUDIOPHILE AUDITION