First posting on the new website, 4th March 2014

Welcome to my new site, assembled and edited by Miles Ferchen. Some elements from the previous one are carrying over, but on the whole we aimed at reducing and clarifying the site to make it clearer and simpler to navigate. A new feature is the “Store”, a submenu revealed by clicking on “Discography”, from which you can buy some cds which might not be available from your local record dealer. A great feature that you don’t see is that it’s far simpler to update, so thanks Miles!

The new eCsTaSy cd, released at the beginning of the year on Cuneiform, has been getting great reviews, and we played one of our best shows for the release party at Dubrovnik Lounge, Helsinki, on February 14th. We’ll be playing on the main stage of the Pori Jazz Festival on July 17th, and other gigs are in the works, Annamaija Saarela and her Music Company is now busy booking us (see the “Contact” page). Join our mailing list and follow our gig schedule on the eCsTaSy site.

Annamaija is also booking Triad, so take a look at the band playing Coltrane’s “Transition” and Triad’s Baobop , both live in January, filmed and recorded by Hekla Productions

For anyone interested in some of my background, influences and guitar gear, read my recent interviews on Guitar Moderne and Finnish Music Quarterly.

That’s all for now, hope to see you at one of our shows!