Awakening is out on Eclipse Music!

My duo CD with the amazing Juhani Aaltonen is out on Eclipse Music, titled Awakening, and it’s a live recording from the Tampere Jazz Happening 2016. So far we’ve played several release gigs around in Finland and I’m working with Markku Salo to book us more gigs especially for 2019.

I’m very happy with the music we recorded for the surrealist exhibition, No Ordinary Moments, at Emma (Espoo Museum of Modern Art), and the 5 point surround sound installation is playing the 65 minute loop until January 6th 2019, but don’t wait too long before going to check it out. I had the benefit of  working with Juhani Aaltonen, Verneri Pohjola, Jori Huhtala and Tatu Rönkkö, whose playing shine on my piece titled Never but Always, and I hope to release it soon as a CD.

On the eCsTaSy front, we’ve been invited to play at the International Jazzfestival Saalfelden, one of Europe’s finest, and we’re really stoked about it. The show will be on August 23rd at 11pm!

This summer I’ll begin to write my guitar book on improvisation, supported by a one-year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and drawing on a shelf of my music notebooks dating back as early as 1981.  Instead of being geared mainly towards jazz guitarists, this one will be of benefit to those of other persuasions as well, especially classical ones. The concepts will be useful for other instrumentalists too, and will be illustrated by a series of short films which will be available online.