No Ordinary Moments

As the new year gets off to a start I’m focusing my energies on composing music for the surrealist art exhibition titled “No Ordinary Moments”, opening at Emma, Espoo Museum of Modern Art on April 28th, in cooperation with April Jazz . With a band consisting of Juhani Aaltonen (sax & flute), Verneri Pohjola (trumpet & electronics), Jori Huhtala (bass) and Tatu Rönkkö (percussion), we’ll record music that will be heard for a full year as part of the exhibition, and we’ll also play a live gig at the vernissage.

The film “Varasto 2”, the score of which I worked on for several months, will have it’s Finnish premiere on February 16th, and I hope it’ll turn out to be as much of a hit as it’s predecessor, “Varasto”, which means warehouse. It’s a dark comedy directed by Taru Mäkelä and is the third feature film we’ve cooperated on.

I’m putting together a tour for the release of our duo CD, “Awakening”, with Juhani Aaltonen on flute and me on 12-string and 6-string guitars. It was recorded live at the Tampere Jazz Happening 2016 by Heikki Iso-Ahola, my trusted friend and sound engineer extraordinaire from the Krakatau days, and will be released by the Finnish label Eclipse Music, who also released Triad’s “Beyond”. The album reveals a deep connection between us, the music veering more towards chamber contemporary than jazz, and is one of the most melodic albums I’ve ever released.

This summer I’ll begin to write my guitar book on improvisation, supported by a one-year grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation, and drawing on a shelf of my music notebooks dating back as early as 1981.  Instead of being geared mainly towards jazz guitarists, this one will be of benefit to those of other persuasions as well, especially classical ones. The concepts will be useful for other instrumentalists too, and will be illustrated by a series of short films which will be available online.