Website photo by Peter Gannushkin

I had the pleasure of playing a total of ten gigs in Helsinki last fall, as parts of two series, Jazz on the Loose (at Bar Loose) and On the Corner (at Punavuoren Ahven). The audiences at both grew with each show, and we had a lot of fun playing on our home turf. The Jazz on the Loose series will be continuing once a month in 2015, opening with Morgan Ågren and I performing as the Blixt duo on January 13th. The On the Corner duo series will now be moving to saturdays, combining my guitar with other instruments, to be announced soon.

I’m taking control of booking my own gigs for the time being, while Annamaija Music Company is restructuring.

You can now buy my recordings on the “Discography/Store” page.  The new “eCsTaSy”cd is in stock, and some older ones too like “Shadowglow” with Lukas Ligeti, so take a look and send me your orders.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, Triad has two clips on youtube: Coltrane’s “Transition” and Triad’s Baobop , both live in January, filmed and recorded by Hekla Productions.

For anyone interested in some of my background, influences and guitar gear, read my recent interviews on Guitar Moderne and Finnish Music Quarterly.

That’s all for now, hope to see you at one of our shows!