Yes, eCsTaSy’s first cd on Cuneiform has been nominated for the EMMA PRIZE (Finnish “Grammy”), in the category “best jazz album of 2014″, the result to be revealed on February 27th. We put a lot of time and effort into that album, so it’s nice that it’s appreciated! We’ve already recorded material for the next eCsTaSy album, due to be released on September 15th, and are going to record some more and then begin mixing in the beginning of April.

The 2015 season of Jazz on the Loose got off to a great start when Morgan Ågren came and joined me for some loud and heavy duo playing for a great audience on January 13th. That duo could easily travel around and play rock festivals, producers hello! Check the “gigs” page for the other dates, like Triad with special guest Juahni Aaltonen on February 17th. On the Corner @ Punavuoren Ahven will also be back, starting on January 31st with my solo blues set starting at 7pm, other acts to be announced very soon.

Triad is also set to record it’s first album at the end of February, the trio sounding real good and energetic. This band will also play “standards” by Dolphy, Coltrane and Monk, in addition to our own material.

You can now buy my recordings on the “Discography/Store” page.  The new “eCsTaSy”cd is in stock, and some older ones too like “Shadowglow” with Lukas Ligeti. I also have in stock the complete line of Scorch Trio cds, as well as the new LP, “Made in Norway”.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, eCstaSy has a couple of new Youtube clips which you can see at the eCsTaSy website. Triad has two clips on youtube: Coltrane’s “Transition” and Triad’s Baobop , both live in January, filmed and recorded by Hekla Productions.

For anyone interested in some of my background, influences and guitar gear, read my interviews on Guitar Moderne and Finnish Music Quarterly.

That’s all for now, hope to see you at one of our shows!