Triad is set for a Finnish tour starting November 29

Triad is going on a tour of Finland sponsored by the Finnish Jazz Federation, reaching eight towns in the space of two weeks, starting November 29 (for details please see my gigs page). With Ilmari Heikinheimo on drums and Ville Rauhala on doublebass, we’ll be playing material from our first cd, Beyond, and also new songs intended for our sophomore album.

On November 23, I’ll be performing my quintet for electric guitar and string quartet, Quintessence, at the RUSK chamber music festival in Jakobstad, Finland. I’ll also be performing the Ashvameda Horse, a piece for electric guitar and tape by the late Jovanka Trbojevic, a dear friend who passed away this spring.

Up until then I’ll be busy finishing up the score for a new comedy by Taru Mäkelä, “Varasto 2”, which is the sequel to a film from several years ago which I also provided the music for.