eCsTaSy is nominated for the Emma Prize for best jazz recording 2015!

Yes, for the second year in a row, eCsTaSy has been nominated for the Emma prize (the Finnish “Grammy”) in the category “Best Jazz Recording of 2015”. Last year it was for our first self-titled album, and now it’s for our second release on Cuneiform records, “Out of the Blue”. Here’s the most recent video, playing “Quintrille” live!

Festival organizers and booking agents, heads up: the band is on fire and is ready to inspire your audiences! For more information, visit the band website:


I’m throwing a party for my 60th birthday on 11 February at Kuudes Linja in Helsinki, starting at 9pm. Headlining the evening will be Krakatau, featuring Jone Takamäki and Uffe Krokfors from the original line-up, and Triad’s multi-directional drummer, Ilmari Heikinheimo. I hope there will be many spontaneous performances by other friends, for a joyous night of music!