2019 gets off to a busy start!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

I’ll begin the year playing in three compositions during Musica Nova, the bi-annual festival of contemporary music in Helsinki in February. The compositions are Case Black by Mirela Ivicevic, Black Midi by Nicole Lizée, and Telekinesis by Tyondai Braxton, which is for the Radio Symphony Orchestra, choir and four electric guitars. It’s been a privilege and a challenge to work with this at times virtuosic material, and I’m looking forward to the shows next week.

Then in late February I have a string of duet shows with Juhani Aaltonen, who has promised to bring his tenor sax along, in addition to his flute, to the mix. With him, it feels like we’re simply having a discussion, I love playing with him. I just heard a recording from a recent gig, and the music is definitely moving ahead.

Last year I travelled to Milano at the invitation of the bassist/composer Joe Fonda and Fabrizio Perissinotto, whose Long Song Records we recorded for. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jaimoe, the original drummer from the Allman Brothers, and a group of fabulous Italian musicians, the whole project baptised as J & F Band: From the roots to the Sky. I do back-up vocals on one tune!

In April I’ll again go to Milano, this time to record a new album for Long Songs. It will be dedicated to John Coltrane,  and I’ll be joined by Emanuele Parrini on violin, Silvia Bolognesi on bass and Tiziano Tononi on drums. Fabrizio proposed this project, and I’m working on material to bring to the session.