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Raoul Björkenheim – electric guitar
Ville Rauhala – double bass
Ilmari Heikinheimo – drums & percussion

Produced by Markus Kärki and Raoul Björkenheim
Engineered by Markus Kärki
Recorded 3-6 October 2016 at Magnusborg Studio, Porvoo
Cover art by Reima Nevalainen

1 ACT OF WILL (3:39)
2 MOVE ON (2:44)
3 DEFIANCE (4:02)
4 PETALS (7:17)
5 KATARSIS (3:37)
6 BEYOND (5:54)
7 ARISE (3:15)
8 BLUNT STUNT (3:21)
Total playing time 37:48


Rune Grammofon RLP2187
All music by Björkenheim/Flaten/Nilssen-Love except
* by John Coltrane
Produced by Scorch Trio and Rune Kristoffersen except
** YLE/Veli-pekka Heinonen

kjøle høle
brennj fynnj
snækje rojnd nævinj
synnja vegga



silent lies
big nick*
dog streets


Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy: Out of the Blue

Staszek_4 Cuneiform Records Rune 413

Produced by Raoul Björkenheim

1. Heads &Tales 7:06
2. Quintrille 3:40
3. A Fly in the House of Love* 6:02
4. Uptown 4:45
5. You Never Know* 2:40
6. OLJ 3:20
7. Roller Coaster 3:42
8. Zebra Dreams* 10:14

Music composed by Raoul Björkenheim, except * by eCsTaSy and 6 by Jori Huhtala
Recorded at E-Studio, Helsinki, 19-21 November 2014

Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars
Pauli Lyytinen: saxophones
Jori Huhtala: contrabass
Markku Ounaskari: drums

Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy

eCsTaSy cover Cuneiform Records Rune 373

Produced by Raoul Björkenheim

1. El Pueblo Unido 5:46
2. SOS 5:38
3. Deeper * 4:56
4. No Delay 5:01
5. Through the Looking Glass* 3:30
6. As Luck Would Have It 5:30
7. Subterranean Samba * 4:14
8. Threshold 4:47
9. The Sky is Ruby 6:25

Music composed by Raoul Björkenheim, except * by eCsTaSy
Recorded at Finnvox Studio, Helsinki, 11-13 December 2012

Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars
Pauli Lyytinen: saxophones
Jori Huhtala: contrabass
Markku Ounaskari: drums

Frode Haltli: Arne Nordhem Complete Accordion Works

Frode Haltli SIMAX PSC 1328

Producer Geoff Miles

1. Spur for solo accordion and orchestra 26:07
2-7. Signals for accordion, electric guitar and percussion 8:35
8. Dinosaurus for accordion and tape 9:42
9. Flashing for solo accordion 10:46

Recorded at Store Studio, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) 21-22 March, 9 April 2011 and 16 May 2011.
Recorded by Arne Kristian Dypvik and Terje HellemMusic by Arne Nordhem
Frode Haltli: accordion
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar
Hans.Kristian Kjos Sørensen: percussion
Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Raoul Björkenheim, Anders Nilsson & Gerald Cleaver: Kalabalik

kalabalik DMG/ART

Executive producer: Bruce Gallanter

1. Spiraling Skies 12:07
2. Vortex 5:26
3. Incarnation 8:38
4. Robot Tango 13:47
5. Saga Raga 8:43
6. Descension 9:20

Recorded live at Downtown Music Gallery by Robert O’Hare on 2 January 2011
Remixed by Robert Musso with assistance by Michael FossenkemperRaoul Björkenheim: guitar
Anders Nilsson: Guitar
Gerald Cleaver: drumshttp://www.squidsear.com/cgi-bin/news/newsView.cgi?newsID=1474

Scorch trio with mars williams: made in norway

Scorch trio with mars williams: made in norway RLP2119 rune grammofon double LP
Produced by scorch trio, mars williams and rune kristoffersonLP1
1. sloo
2. oosl
3. loos
4. osloLP2
1. genber
2. enberg
3. bergenRecorded live at café mono in Oslo by Thomas Hukkelberg 23 may 2011 and live at nattjazz in bergen by hans olav molde on 25 may 2011
mastered by Thomas HukkelbergRaoul Björkenheim: guitar, electric mandolin
Mars Williams: tenor, alto, soprano and sopranino saxophones
Ingebrigt Håker flaten: fender bass, electronics
Frank Rosaly: drums http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/scorch_trio/reviews-2119/


Blixt Cuneiform Records rune 335
Produced by Blixt1. black whole 3:44
2. moon tune 2:10
3. tools 5:23
4. cinque roulette 3:53
5. shifting sands closing hour 2:44
6. ghost strokes 8:26
7. invisible one 11:17
8. drill beats 2:46
9. storm 3:38
10. 4-4-4-4-2-2-2-5-2 4:04Recorded at Orange Music Studios, New Jersey, on september 20-21 2010
Recorded and mixed by Robert Musso
Assistant engineer: James Dellatacoma
Mastered by Michael FossenkemperRaoul Björkenheim: guitar
Bill Laswell: bass
Morgan Ågren: drumshttp://somethingelsereviews.com/2011/12/19/nick-derisos-top-albums-for-2011-jazz-rock-and-fusion-jazz-edition/

Raúl Mannola: Inner Visions of Flamenco

Raúl Mannola: Inner Visions of Flamenco SNFN- 8346
Produced by Raúl Mannola1. Gran y Eterna (granainas) 6:22
2. Nenúfar (milonga) 9:08
3. Ese Gitano Bueno (seguiriyas) 5:15
4. Tetracordas (bulerías) 10:27
5. Graciela 4:16
6. Bastet (Abandolaos) 9:36
7. Bulería de la Catalina (bulerías) 4:58Recorded at seawolf studios, Helsinki, february 13th 2010.
Flamenco jazz-rock project:
Raúl Mannola: flamenco guitar
Fariña: vocals
Aylin Bayaz: dance
Pablo Martin Jones: drums and percussion
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar/http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=39831

Markus Holkko: From Circuits, with Love

Markus Holkko - From Circuits, With Love TEXCD 109 Texicalli 2010
Produced, composed and arranged by Markus Holkko1. The Object 8:33
2 Faustian Afternoon 6:31
3. Traurig 3:39
4. Polynesia 7:34
5. Cantus Magnetique 8:13
6. Casting of a Bell 6:29
7. Valis 7:54
8. Basualdo 2:34
9. Dark Cable 7:11Markus Holkko: saxophone and keyboards
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar
Joonas Riippa: drums, pecussion
Kari Ikonen: moog rogue
Markus Niittynen: fender rhodes
Iiro Kautto: double bass

Scorch Trio: Melaza

Scorch Trio: Melaza RCD 2104, Rune Grammofon 2010
Produced by Scorch Trio and Rune Kristofferson1. Relajo
2. Bambalán
3. Fajao
4. Orita
5. Melaza
6 Estinche
7. Raitrú
8. ¡Esnú!Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studios, New Jersey, in december 2009. Music by Scorch Trio.
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: electric bass
Frank Rosaly: drums/http://www.runegrammofon.com/artists/scorch_trio/reviews-2104/

I Never Metaguitar: solo guitars for the 21st century

I Never Metaguitar: solo guitars for the 21st century Clean Feed CFG005CD
Produced by Elliot Sharp1. In Two Parts Missing – Mary Halvorsen
2. Act as if Nothing Happened – Jeff Parker
3. Blame it on the Tonkori – Henry Kaiser
4. Migrant Song – Jean-Francois Pauvros
5. Heater – Janet Feder
6. I Told You So – Raoul Björkenheim
7. Joanna – Noel Akchote
8. Study for Hairpin and Hatbox – Nels Cline
9. Until Iago Whispered – Brandon Ross
10. Story Teller – Mike Cooper
11. Blue Blue – Michael Gregory
12. Buzkashi – Scott Fields
13. Little Creatures – Kazuhisa Uchihashi
14. Coiled Malescense – Mick Barr
15. The Day Raushenberg met de Kooning – Gunnar Geisse
16. Telemetry – Elliot Sharp/http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=37732

UMO: Primal Mind

UMO & Raoul Björkenheim - Primal Mind UMOCD 111
Original recording and mix produced by Jukka Hakoköngäs
CD Produced by Juha Nikulainen for ProVisual1. Primal Mind 10:01
2. The Doldrums 7:38
3. Monkey Dance 5:38
4. The Fathers 11:54
5. Doom Mood 7:16
6. Lullaby in Bells
7. Rapids
8. Towers
9.Whooz BloozRecorded live at Jumo Jazz Club 10.5.1991. Music composed and arranged by Raoul Björkenheim.
Conducted by Jukka Linkola.
Saxophones: Pentti Lahti, Jukka Perko, Teemu Salminen, Kari Heinilä, Pepa Päivinen
Trumpets: Esko Heikkinen, Simo Salminen, Timo Paasonen, Heikki Haimila
Trombones: Jari Hongisto, Juhani Aalto, Mircea Stan, Mikael LångbackaRhythm:
Pekka Sarmanto: contrabassKrakatau Trio:
Ulf Krokfors: contrabass
Tom Nekljudow: drums
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar

Dark Energy Live

Chris Massey & Raoul Björkenheim - Dark Energy Live Forever Sharp and Vivid Music
Produced by Chris Massey and Raoul Björkenheim1. Solo guitar 1:48
2. Olive Green 3:28
3. Blue Jazz 14:12
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 4:24
5. Hi-Fi Scarlet 4:48
6. Golden Fiunk 9:42Recorded live at Hallwell’s Performance Gallery, Buffalo NY in 2003
Chris Massey: drums
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars

Sielun Veljet: Kansan Parissa 3

Sielun Veljet: Kansan Parissa 3 POKOCD 370
Produced by Jukka Orma and Juha Nikulainen1. Kerala 5:17
2. I Wanna be a Frog 3:39
3. Mushroom Moon 3:50
4. Vicious Waltz 3:17
5. Evil Kübl 6:26
6. Run Down but Romantic 4:47
7. Woe! The Maiden of my Heart 2:30
8. Life is a Cobra 3:12
9. The Beast Has Taken Over in my Mind Again 4:57
10. Old Masterpiece 2:16
11. Hey-Ho, Red Banana!
12. Immortal Bliss 3:15
13. Living in a Twisted World 3:13Recorded live at Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki November 27th, 1989
Jukka Orma: nylon-stringed guitar, voice
Ismo Alanko: voice, cello, steel-stringed guitar and bouzouki
Jouko Hohko: bass balalaika, voice
Alf Forsman: gongo drums, large drum, gunguru bells and other percussion
Sanna Salmenkallio: violin
Karri Koivukoski: viola
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar

Jukka Gustavson: Community Jazz

Jukka Gustavson: Community Jazz ZENCD 2129
Produced by Jukka Gustavson1. Cohesion Promotion 6:22
2. Human Rights 5:08
3. Every Child Needs Love 6:09
4. Cohesion Swing Report 5:13
5. Highlights of an Ordinary Day 5:01
6. Blue Grace 6:35
7. Man of Honor 7:57
8. In a Godless Hurry all the Time 10:06Recorded at Seasound Studios in november 2008.
Music and Lyrics by Jukka Gustavson.
Jukka Gustavson: Vocals, Hammond organ, keyboards
Raoul Björkenheim: Electric guitars and voice
Ulf Krokfors: upright bass, bass guitar and voice
Mika Kallio: drums
Pekka Nylund: guitar
Juha Verona: bass guitar
Rami Eskelinen: drums
Mikael Tiittanen: percussion

Steve Rust Trio: Bottom Feeder

Steve Rust Trio: Bottom Feeder Dane Recordings 0065
Produced by Steve Rust1. Slipstream 9:39
2. Pith and Vinegar 2:13
3. Thomas Cole 3:22
4. River Road Ramble 7:04
5. Cereal Killer 4:56
6. Gyre and Gimble 2:15
8. Devil’s Tombstone 3:53Recorded at the Clubhouse, Woodstock NY, in June 2005.
Music by Steve Rust Trio:Steve Rust: basses
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars
Lukas Ligeti: drums

Scorch Trio Live

Scorch Trio Live SCD 001
Produced by Scorch Trio1. Autio 4:44
2. Röh 11:03
3. Kurnutus 12:57
4. Ulvoo 14:03
5. Kiitos 6:50Recorded live during tour of Finland 2006.
Music by Scorch Trio.
Raoul Björkenheim: guitar
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: fender bass
Paal Nilssen-Love: drums

dmg @ the stone Volume 2

dmg @ the stone Volume 2 dmg/arc- 0722
produced by Raoul Björkenheim, Bruce Gallanter and Manny Maris, 20081. Lithotone I 54:17
2. Lithotone II 13.22Recorded live at the Stone, NYC, on december 26th, 2006.Music created and performed by:
Raoul Björkenheim: Electric guitar and viola da gimbri
William Parker: Bass and shawm
Hamid Drake: drums

Scorch Trio: Brolt!

Scorch Trio: Brolt! RCD 2074, Rune Grammofon 2008
produced by Scorch trio and Rune Kristoffersen1. olstra 17:19
2. basjen 4:40
3. hys 4:38
4. gaba 4:30
5. graps 3:06
6. bluring 8:10Recorded at Grand Sport Studio, Oslo, on October 26th and 27th, 2007.
Music composed and performed by:
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitars and electric viola da gimbri
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: electric bass and electronics
Paal Nilssen-Love: drums and percussion

Box Studio 1

Box Studio 1 RCD2070, Rune Grammofon 2008
Produced by Philip Mullarkey and Rune Kristoffersen1. Untitled 9 17:19
2. Untitled 11 4:40
3. Untitled 7 4:38
4. Untitlled 3 4:30
5. Untitled 13 3:06
6. Untitled 12 8:10Recorded at Atlantis Studio on June 12th and 13th, 2007.
Music composed and performed by:
Ståle Storløkken: keyboards, electronics
Raoul Björkenheim: guitars, electric viola da gamba
Trevor Dunn: bass
Morgan Ågren: drums

UMO Jazz Orchestra with Björkenheim, Aaltonen & Haarla: The Sky is Ruby

UMO Jazz Orchestra with Björkenheim, Aaltonen & Haarla: The Sky is Ruby TUM CD 017, TUM Records 2007
Produced by Raoul Björkenheim and Petri Haussila1. The Sky is Ruby 9:30
2. Questions 17:51
3. The Bloody Fields 8:53
4. In the Green Light 9:14
5. Lost Love 8:55
6. Fiery Flight 5:46Recorded at Sound Team Godzinsky Studio on April 24-25, 2007.
Music composed by Raoul Björkenheim
Mikko Hassinen, conductor; Juhani Aaltonen, solo tenor saxophone & alto flute; Iro Haarla, piano & harp; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar, gongs (tracks 4 & 5) and bass drums (track 5); Pentti Lahti, sopranino, soprano & alto saxophone, piccolo, flute & bass flute; Mikko Mäkinen, alto saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet; Teemu Salminen, tenor saxophone, flute & clarinet; Olli Ojajärvi, tenor saxophone, flute; Pertti (Pepa) Päivinen, soprano, baritone & bass saxophone, bass clarinet; Jan Kohlin, trumpet; Timo Paasonen, trumpet; Mikko Pettinen, trumpet; Tero Saarti, trumpet; Pekka Laukkanen, trombone; Mikko Mustonen, trombone; Jari Hongisto, trombone; Mikael Långbacka, bass trombone; Ville Huolman, contrabass; Markus Ketola, drums.

Michel Lambert : Unclouded Day

Michel Lambert : Unclouded Day aylDL-061, Ayler Records
Available as download only at www.ayler.com
Produced by Michel Lambert1. Moonless 4:03
2. Clouds Beyond Clouds 5:24
3. A Little While, a Little While 6:12
4. Naked Room 3:20
5. Blow West Wind 4:15
6. Honour’s Breath 4:54
7. Spellbound 4:21
8. The Linnet 2:24
9. My Lady’s Grave 6:02
10. Unclouded Day 6:23Recorded at Loho Studios, NYC, on May 29th, 2006.
Music composed and performed by: Michel Lambert, drums; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Jeannette Lambert, vocals; Mat Maneri, viola.

Scorch Trio: Luggumt

Scorch Trio: Luggumt RCD 2040, Rune Grammofon 2004
Produced by Raoul Björkenheim, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and and Paal Nilssen-Love
Co-produced by Rune Kristoffersen1. Kjøle Høle 12:37
2. Synnja Vegga 5:08
3. Brennj fynnj 6:16
4. Furskunjt 6:16
5. Snækje rojnd nævinj 4:45
6. Luggumt 12:27Recorded at Athletic Sound on January 28-29, 2004.
Music composed and performed by:
Raoul Björkenheim: electric guitar, electric viola da gamba
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: double bass, fender bass, electronics
Paal Nilssen-Love: drums, percussion

Raoul Björkenheim & Lukas Ligeti: Shadowglow

Raoul Björkenheim & Lukas Ligeti : Shadowglow TUMCD 006, Tum Records 2003
Produced by Petri Haussila1. Into Fall 4:53
2. Ghostedwall 4:28
3. Niagara Mohawk 10:06
4. Rain Turns Red Gold 3:41
5. Cogwheels of Speed 3:38
6. Shed and Torn 8:34
7. In the Flesh 3:39
8. Duoyell 4:08
9. Olivezone 7:12
10. Viscousphere 4:50
11. Fountain Jewel 5:47
12. Changgo Valse 4:08Music by Raoul Björkenheim and Lukas Ligeti.
Recorded and mixed at Orange Studio by Robert Musso on June 23,24 & 26, 2003.

Mikko Hassinen: Damodara 3

Mikko Hassinen : Damodara 3 All music written, arranged, and produced by Mikko Hassinen

1. HDG 4:53
2. 01360 4:28
3. Kontula 10:06
4. Kurvi 3:41
5. Kivikko 3:38
6. Lost in Space 8:34
7. Kuruksetra 3:39

Mastered at Minerva Pappi at Finnvox Studios.

Björkenheim/Håker Flaten/Nilssen-Love: Scorch Trio

Björkenheim / Håker Flaten / Nilssen-Love : Scorch Trio Rune Grammofon RCD2025 [CD]
Produced by Björkenheim/Håker Flaten/Nilssen-Love1. Oikosulku 12:57
2. Säde 4:03
3. Salaa 8:43
4. Taajus 4:57
5. XXX 11:41
6. Vittula (Björkenheim/Håker Flaten) 5:27
7. Paahtaa 5:25Composed by Björkenheim/Håker Flaten/Nilssen-Love except as noted.
Recorded January 2002, Athletic Sound, Halden, Norway.
Raoul Björkenheim, electric guitars; Ingebrikt Håker Flaten, electric and acoustic bass; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums, percussion

Jukka Orma: Kultahiekka

Jukka Orma - Kultahiekkaa Seal on Velvet/Poko VELVECD 27
Produced by Henrik Otto Donner1. Kuka Kertosi Minulle (comp. Henrik Otto Donner) 4:18
2. Perhe-elämää (comp. Sylvester Stewart aka. Sly Stone) 3:53
3. Fuulaa 3:34
4. Sinua Sinua Rakastan 4:49
5. Monte Carlo 3:34
6. Kilpa-auto 5:25
8. Taikayö 8:15
7. Hawaikivi 6:35Compositions by Jukka Orma except as noted.
Recorded at Lenin Karma Total Sound Studio, Helsinki in February, 2001.
Jukka Orma, guitars and voices; Raoul Björkenheim, Electric bass and electric berimbau; Affe Forsman, drums

Raoul Björkenheim: Apocalypso

Raoul Björkenheim - Apocalypso Cuneiform Records Rune 156 [CD]
Produced by Raoul Björkenheim and Heikki Savolainen1. Oracle 3:34
2. Sages 6:15
3. Rain 1:16
4. Surf Dance 5:21
5. Lament 1:25
6. Circles 6:06
7. Apocalypso 9:15
8. Spirits 3:55
9. Last Oracle 3:56Composed by Raoul Björkenheim.
Recorded Summer 2000 and Spring 2001, Sea Wolf Studios, Suomenlinna, Finland.
Raoul Björkenheim, guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion

Eero Koivistoinen: Helium

Eero Koivistoinen - Helium TEXCD 042 (Finland) [CD]
Produced by Jukka Hakoköngäs / Radiomafia1. Hot C 5:13
2. Doggy Bag 3:48
3. Helium 5:31
4. Catwalk 5:39
5. Lumbango 6:19
6. 19 (Koivistoinen/Hakoköngäs/Thiam) 5:03
7. Teranga 6:13
8. Antik 6:30
9. 3rd Version 5:05Composed by Eero Koivistoinen except as noted.
Recorded February 17-25, 1999, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki.
Eero Koivistoinen, tenor and soprano saxophone; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Seppo Kantonen, piano, synthesizer; Jukka Hakoköngäs, organ; Harri Rantanen, electric bass; Anssi Nykänen, drums; Samuli Kosminen, electric percussion on 1; Yamar Thiam, African drums on 5, 6, 7, voice on 6

Various Artists: 156 Strings

Various Artists: 156 Strings Cuneiform Rune 163 [CD]
Compilation assembled by Henry kaiser3. Lullaby Heart Away (Björkenheim) 4:32Note: This is a collection of solo acoustic pieces by 19 guitarists. Other tracks are without Björkenheim. Recording details not provided (disc issued 2002).
Raoul Björkenheim, acoustic guitar

UMO Jazz Orchestra: Electrifying Miles

UMO Jazz Orchestra: Electrifying Miles A Records AL 73153 (Netherlands) [CD]
Produced by Jukka Hakoköngäs / radiomafia YLE1. High Speed Chase (Miles Davis, arr. Tim Hagans) 7:58
2. Prince of Darkness (Wayne Shorter, arr. Kari Heinilä) 6:57
3. Spanish Key (Miles Davis, arr. Jarmo Savolainen) 9:11
4. What It Is (Miles Davis/John Scofield, arr. Jarno Kukkonen) 3:53
5. Sanctuary (Wayne Shorter, arr. Raoul Björkenheim) 7:13
6. Fast Track – Come Get It (Miles Davis, arr. Jarmo Saari) 6:46
7. Nefertiti (Wayne Shorter, arr. Eero Koivistoinen) 6:34
8. Calypso Frelimo (Miles Davis, arr. Raoul Björkenheim) 12:11Recorded April 1997, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki.
Eero Koivistoinen, conductor, tenor saxophone; Tim Hagans, trumpet soloist; Esko Heikkinen, Timo Paasonen, Teemu Mattsson, Mikko Pettinen, trumpet, fluegelhorn; Markku Veijonsuo, Mikko Mustonen, Pekka Laukkanen, trombone; Mikael Långbacka, bass trombone; Pentti Lahti, alto and soprano saxophones, flute; Jouni Järvelä, alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet; Teemu Salminen, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute; Janne Murto, tenor saxophone, flute; Pertti Päivinen, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, flute; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Jarmo Savolainen, piano, electric piano, synthesizer; Jukka Hakoköngäs, organ, electric piano; Pekka Sarmanto, bass on 2, 5, 7; Harri Rantanen, electric bass on 1, 3, 4, 6, 8; Markus Ketola, drums on 2, 3, 5, 7, 8; Anssi Nykänen, drums on 1, 3, 4, 6, 8; Mongo Aaltonen, percussion

Nicky Skopelitis/Raoul Björkenheim: Revelator

Nicky Skopelitis/Raoul Björkenheim: Revelator Innerhythmic INR009
Produced by Bill Laswell1. Sacrament 15:16
2. Epiphany 15:01
3. Fresh Meat And Roses 11:41
4. Right As Rain 15:09No composition credits given.
Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York, circa 1997.
Nicky Skopelitis, guitars, baglama, electric sitar; Raoul Björkenheim, guitars, bowed guitar, percussion; Bill Buchen, tablas, water drum, log drum; Bill Laswell, sounds

Jazz Satellites: Electrification

Virgin AMBT 12 Compilation assembled by Kevin Martin. Divine Styler, Eddie Henderson, Jan Garbarek, Alice Coltrane, 23 Skiddo, Gil Melle, Norman Connors, Sun Ra, the Pop Group, Stu Martin & John Surman, KRAKATAU w. Raoul Björkenheim (Bullroarer, from Volition ECM 1466), the Organization, Miles Davis, Teo Macero, Roland Kirk, the Tony Williams Lifetime, Swab, Ry Cooder, Joe Henderson, Headhunters, Don Cherry, UI, Fat, Ornette Coleman, 16-17, Herbie Hancock Bullroarer 2:16

Paul Schütze: Third Site

Paul Schütze: Third Site Rykodisc RCD10464 (UK) [CD]
Produced by Paul Schütze1. The Surface Of The Eye 8:47
2. The Skin Of The Face And Neck 3:19
3. The Head, The Soles Of The Feet, An Arm 11:10
4. The Palms Of Both Hands 14:23
5. The Breath 9:37All composed by Schütze.
Recorded in Basel, London, and Dortmund, circa 1999.
Thomas Köner, recitation; Clive Bell, shakuhachi and pi saw flutes; Raoul Björkenheim, Simon Hopkins, electric guitars; Paul Schütze, gongs, vibraphone, electronics

Phantom City: Shiva Recoil

Phantom City: Shiva Recoil Virgin 7243 8 44060 2 8 [CD]
Produced by Paul Schütze1. Black Data II 13:59
2. Black Data I 38:48All composed by Phantom City.
Recorded November 3, 1996, Tampere Jazz Happening, Pakkahuone, Finland.
Toshinori Kondo, trumpet; Alex Buess, bass clarinet; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Paul Schütze, keyboards, tapes; Bill Laswell, electric bass; Dirk Wachtelaer, drums

Paul Schütze + Phantom City: Site Anubis

Phantom City: Site Anubis Big Cat ABB106CD [CD]
Produced by Paul Schütze1. Future Nights 12:23
2. An Early Mutation 7:24
3. Blue Like Petrol 7:08
4. The Big God Blows In 7:04
5. Ten Acre Ghost 6:30
6. Eight Legs Out Of Limbo 12:34
7. Inflammable Shadow 6:27No composition credit given, but improvised by all to Paul’s original tracks.
Recorded in Basel, London, Helsinki, Brussels, New York, and Seattle, circa 1996.
Raoul Björkenheim, guitars; Paul Schütze, keyboards, tape, samplers; Bill Laswell, electric bass; Dirk Wachtelaer, drums; Alex Buess, bass and contrabass clarinets on tracks 2, 3, 5; Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone on tracks 6, 7; Julian Priester, trombone on tracks 4, 6

Ambient: Isolationism

Ambient: Isolationism VirginAMBT4Compilation assembled by KevinMartin.
Kazuyuki K Null/JimPlotkin, Jim O’ Rourke, Ice, Raoul Björkenheim: Strangers, :Zoviet-France:, Labradford, Techno Animal, Paul Sch¸, Scorn, Disco Inferno, Total, Nijiumu, Aphex Twin, Amm, Seefeel, Orang, E.A.R., Sufi, David Toop & Max Eastley, Main, Final, Lull, Thomas K.

Krakatau: Matinale

Krakatau: Matinale ECM 1529 [CD]
Produced by Steve Lake1. Matinale (Björkenheim) 6:26
2. Unseen Sea Scene (Björkenheim/Takamäki/Krokfors/Kätkä) 2:55
3. Jai-Ping (Björkenheim/Takamäki/Krokfors/Kätkä) 3:28
4. Rural (Takamäki/Krokfors) 3:52
5. For Bernard Moore (Krokfors) 8:08
6. Sarajevo (Björkenheim) 12:27
7. Suhka (Takamäki) 7:07
8. Raging Thirst (Björkenheim) 3:27Recorded November 1993, Hardstudios, Winterthur.
Jone Takamäki, tenor, alto, soprano, and bass saxophones, krakaphone, flutes, bell; Raoul Björkenheim, guitars, bass recorder, gong; Uffe Krokfors, bass, percussion; Ippe Kätkä, drums, gongs, percussion

Krakatau: Volition

Krakatau: Volition ECM 1466 [CD]
Produced by Steve Lake1. Brujo * 7:38
2. Volition 9:26
3. Nai * 6:03
4. Bullroarer * 2:16
5. Changgo 4:22
6. Little Big Horn * 8:41
7. Dalens Ande 6:21Composed by Raoul Björkenheim except * by Björkenheim/Takamäki/Krokfors/Forsman.
Recorded December 1991, Rainbow Studio, Oslo.
Jone Takamäki, tenor saxophone, krakaphone, toppophone, whirlpipe; Raoul Björkenheim, guitars, shekere; Uffe Krokfors, bass; Alf Forsman, drums

Raoul Björkenheim & Krakatau: Alive

Raoul Björkenheim & Krakatau: Alive Hieronymus KRCD2 (Finland) [CD]
Produced by Raoul Björkenheim1. Sornu (Björkenheim/Lassila) 6:28
2. I’m Told 7:30
3. Blood Hot (Björkenheim/Lassila) 5:56
4. Hiccup Pig 4:53
5. Ancient Dust 8:33
6. Surge 5:19
7. Motor Oil 3:15
8. New Day 9:29Composed by Raoul Björkenheim except as noted.
Recorded live November 14-15, 1989, Studio Julius, Helsinki.
Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Sampo Lassila, bass; Michel Lambert, drums

Raoul Björkenheim & Krakatau: Ritual

Raoul Björkenheim & Krakatau: Ritual Hieronymus KR1 (Finland) [LP], Cuneiform Rune 86 [CD]
Produced by Raoul Björkenheim1. Foot Talk 7:10
2. La Lluana 2:06
3. Matinaal 6:48
4. Epilog 4:42
5. Go 2:15
6. Dog Honk 1:58
7. Ritual 8:11
8. What? (Björkenheim/Tapio/Rinne/Lassila/Lehto/Lambert) 2:18
9. New Day 6:30
10. Ray 2:59
11. Bygones 5:35
12. Relentless (Björkenheim/Lassila/Lehto) 9:04Note: Tracks 11, 12 are on the CD edition only. The CD was issued in 1996.
Composed by Raoul Björkenheim except as noted.
Recorded 1988, Finnvox, Helsinki
except tracks 11, 12: recorded 1989, 1990, Cable Factory, Helsinki
Jorma Tapio, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bass flute, bones; Tapani Rinne, tenor and baritone saxophones, wood flute; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar, talking drum, shekere, rebab; Sampo Lassila, bass, electric bass; Heikki Lehto, Michel Lambert, drums on tracks 11, 12: Björkenheim, Lassila, Lehto only

Edward Vesala – Sound And Fury: Lumi

Edward Vesala - Sound And Fury: Lumi ECM 1339 [LP/CD]
Produced by Edward Vesala1. The Wind 8:59
2. Frozen Melody 4:18
3. Calypso Bulbosa 4:51
4. Third Moon 2:52
5. Lumi 6:35
6. Camel Walk 4:55
7. Fingo 3:21
8. Early Messenger 2:27
9. Together (Vesala/Stanko) 6:14Composed by Vesala except as noted.
Recorded June 1986, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.
Esko Heikkinen, trumpet; Tom Bildo, trombone, tuba; Pentti Lahti, alto and baritone saxophones, flutes; Jorma Tapio, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute; Tapani Rinne, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet; Kari Heinilä, tenor and soprano saxophones, flute; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Iro Haarla, piano, harp; Taito Vainio, accordion; Häkä Virtanen, bass; Edward Vesala, drums

Edward Vesala: Kullervo

Edward Vesala: Kullervo Leo 017 (Finland) [LP]
Produced by Edward Vesala1. Osa 1 21:12
2. Osa 2 26:05All music composed by Vesala.
Recorded December 1984-February 1985, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.
Ritva Ahonen, recitation; Esko Heikkinen, trumpet; Jari Hongisto, Markku Veijonsuo, trombones, tubas; Juhani Aaltonen, alto and tenor saxophones, flutes; Pertti Päivinen, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, flutes, bass clarinet; Heikki Wikla, bassoon; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Iro Haarla, piano, harp; Antti Hytti, bass; Edward Vesala, drums

Edward Vesala: Bad Luck, Good Luck

Edward Vesala: Bad Luck, Good Luck Leo 015 (Finland) [LP]
Produced by Edward Vesala1. Song Of The Witch Doctors 10:59
2. Caliban 4:55
3. Bad Luck, Good Luck 8:44
4. Bread For Soul 8:16
5. Noble Man 6:38
6. Arcilemac 5:09
7. Out Of Mascarade 4:17All composed by Vesala.
Recorded December 1983, Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland.
Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; Juhani Aaltonen, alto and tenor saxophones; Edward Vesala, drums; with UMO: Heikki Haimila, Esko Heikkinen, Olli Högström, Markku Johansson, trumpets; Juhani Aalto, Petri Juutilainen, Mircea Stan, trombones; Tom Bildo, tuba; Pentti Lahti, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, flute; Pepa Päivinen, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones, flute; Teemu Salminen, soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, flute; Unto Haapa-aho, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar; Iro Haarla, piano, harp; Pekka Sarmanto, bass; Esko Rosnell, drums; Esko Linnavalli, conductor