UMO: The Sky is Ruby CD

UMO Jazz Orchestra with Björkenheim, Aaltonen & Haarla: The Sky is Ruby

TUM CD 017, TUM Records 2007

Produced by Raoul Björkenheim and Petri Haussila

1. The Sky is Ruby 9:30
2. Questions 17:51
3. The Bloody Fields 8:53
4. In the Green Light 9:14
5. Lost Love 8:55
6. Fiery Flight 5:46

Recorded at Sound Team Godzinsky Studio on April 24-25, 2007.
Music composed by Raoul Björkenheim

Mikko Hassinen, conductor; Juhani Aaltonen, solo tenor saxophone & alto flute; Iro Haarla, piano & harp; Raoul Björkenheim, guitar, gongs (tracks 4 & 5) and bass drums (track 5); Pentti Lahti, sopranino, soprano & alto saxophone, piccolo, flute & bass flute; Mikko Mäkinen, alto saxophone, clarinet & bass clarinet; Teemu Salminen, tenor saxophone, flute & clarinet; Olli Ojajärvi, tenor saxophone, flute; Pertti (Pepa) Päivinen, soprano, baritone & bass saxophone, bass clarinet; Jan Kohlin, trumpet; Timo Paasonen, trumpet; Mikko Pettinen, trumpet; Tero Saarti, trumpet; Pekka Laukkanen, trombone; Mikko Mustonen, trombone; Jari Hongisto, trombone; Mikael Långbacka, bass trombone; Ville Huolman, contrabass; Markus Ketola, drums.

Price: 18.00 €

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