Raoul Björkenheim - guitar

Jori Huhtala - bass

Ilmari Heikinheimo - drums

"This isn’t your normal kind of jazz guitar trio (although you wouldn’t expect that with Björkenheim), with a wide range of influences and genres coming into the mix to show a group that’s comfortably conversant with creating different shades and tones. Although by today’s eclectic standards maybe this is precisely a 21st Century jazz guitar trio!”

- Chris Haines, freejazzblog.org

Raoul Björkenheim Triad proposes an expressionist musical direction for the jazz guitar trio, fusing visceral energy with a nordic melodic lyricism. Compositions by the guitarist allow a multitude of interpretations, encouraging the musicians to follow non-linear paths towards the unexpected. The trio also creates purely improvised sections which go right to the edge. Triad released its aptly-titled debut CD “Beyond” in 2017.

Raoul says:"For me, the trio is the strongest unit for improvisation and communication. I've always had a love for the format, with Cream, Band of Gypsies, and later Air and Sam Rivers trio casting their spells on me and informing the music of my own early efforts. Triad picks up where Krakatau's trio left off, and playing with Ilmari and Jori is like taking off for outer space!"