Consecutively with playing the guitar and developing a language of improvisation, Björkenheim has maintained a keen interest in composing. The score to Stravinsky's "Le Sacré du Printemps", aquired while studying at Berklee, acted as a major catalyst to further studies in composition and orchestration. His first commission to write a suite for big band in 1982 was the beginning of a career composing for big band, symphony orchestra, string quintet, electric guitar orchestra, and small jazz ensembles. Click on the image below to go to a page with a list of main compositions, where you can also take a look at the scores themselves.

Ravel's "Bolero" was a childhood favorite!

Ravel's "Bolero" was a childhood favorite!


Orchestral works:

Whales (1992)

Ballando (1994)

Situations (2003)

Afterwards (2008)

Doom Mood (2011)

Big band: 

Other Places (1982) 

Some (1984) 

Primal Mind (1991) 

The Sky is Ruby (2000) 

Donkey Hot (2011)


Apocalypso for guitar orchestra (1995)

Quintessence for string quintet (2004)

Links for 5 soloists & perc. (2016)

Never but Always (2018)