Björkenheim plays with the unbridled energy and freedom of Albert Ayler, but against occasionally more tonally oriented backgrounds, variously recalling the sounds and style of James Blood Ulmer, the late Sonny Sharrock, and the freakier side of Bill Frisell.”

— The Big Takeover USA

Björkenheim should be better known. His outsize musical personality explodes like a Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa or John McLaughlin, with explosive throwdowns like the title track and the power riffs and flangy heavy rock pyrotechnics of "Iesnu!". In contrast, "Raitru" occupies reverberant Scandinavian pastoral terrain, Björkenheim morphing his sound into arco bass or cello. As with Hendrix, there is camp flamboyance in Björkenheim´s outrageousness, he embraces feedback and overtones. ”

— Downbeat

Sublime guitar lines that soar like birds of prey in the sky, daring harmonic innovations and immersive metric modulations to make your heart bleed with anguish, ecstasy and joy. These elements have been Raoul Björkenheim’s trademarks ever since the late 1980s when he burst on the European avantgarde scene - first in the ranks of Edward Vesala’s iconoclastic Sound & Fury and then as a bona-fide bandleader fronting his spirited jazzrock team Krakatau.” - Petri Silas

Finnish Music Quarterly